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  1. He really doesn’t look that old by today’s standards. Guess his age …maybe he’s fifty-eight…? But he does have a wild head of hair. I wonder if that’s a piece? No thinning, no male pattern baldness. Hard to tell with red chalk … hmmm … but maybe no grey either. Only those jowls to give him away.

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    1. Hello alethakuschan,

      Thank you for your insight. I agree, he doesn’t look that old and by today’s standards he wouldn’t be that old. Interesting opinion about his hair. We are unsure but it is interesting to note on. Feel free to provide your insight on our other blog posts.

      Thank you!


  2. I was indulging in some silliness in regard to his hair. I suspect his hair, possibly the whole drawing is an invention. The hair in particular though resembles somewhat certain drawings that da Vinci made of moving water.

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