The World of Art

For everyone new in the world of purchasing art, the bad news is that you might get stuck in the scam of art forgery – However, the good news is, its not always impossible to spot forgery from original piece of art, although it involves homework and research. Other than spotting knowing scam from original, you will also need to know why you are planning to invest in art – You should know what it involves and what should be expected. Here are a few things to know before you indulge:

The Reasons (Foresight):

Before going ahead and diving into the world of art investment, you will need to know the risks it involves. First and foremost thing that needs to be kept in mind is fact that the world of art is ever fluctuating. If a certain art has value today, it might not in the years, or even months to come. It is essential to have an keen observation and instinct/intuition of knowing which art will eventually be profitable for you. Likewise, in many situations you might purchase a piece of art that shows no value in present but might bring you a lot of profit when marketed at the right time in future.

So before you purchase any art, make sure you have done due research of the ongoing trends, evergreen genres and the consistent patterns of variation in art trends. If you have your research done properly, then you are pretty much set to start buying (if not completely). Some other factors that are worth keeping in mind while making your purchase is the age of art, its unique selling point and its current condition.

Background Checks: 

Background check of the artist you are about to buy the art of is very crucial. You need to be sure that the artist has a clean background and hasn’t been involved in any known forgery of late. While it is important to consider the value and beauty of the piece of art itself, it is also essential to know the value of the artist him/herself. With that being set, hype is something you shouldn’t fall a victim of either. If a certain artist has gained too much hype, it doesn’t necessarily means that buying their art would be of great value.

Some pointers to remember are once you plan on buying a certain piece of art, it is always good to know the value of the artist’s previous paintings sold. Also keep in mind the review of the art industry of that particular artist and reviews received on his/her art. It is also handy to know who is representing that particular artist within the industry. These are, however, basic pointers and there will be quite a lot of research required as far as background checks are involved.

Scam, Forgery, Fraud, Be Wary!

And now comes the trickiest and most important part of art buying: identifying forged art! To be successful in the art industry, you would require certain flair to be successful. This also involves having an eye to tell forged art from real. While this is not something you are born with, it is something that will take some time to develop. The most essential thing to know about this is that if you’ve been unfortunate to buy forged art, your investment is pretty must lost and there is no going back, other than learning from that mistake. So always take advice from the experts and do your own research before purchasing a piece of art.



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