Art Forgery

Art forgery is a problem that the world has been facing since the time art became a “thing”. Art forgery is sometimes so well done that even the experts are fooled. With the new technology and advanced gadgets, in today’s world it has become even easier to fake art, even give it an “aged” look. However, for anyone who is worried about buying fake art and wasting millions, here are a few things that might save you from this fraud: 

Looking At the Back: 

If you are buying a painting, then the first thing you ought to do is see it’s back, and in case of a sculpture, it’s bottom. You will be able to find a number of things, including auction labels as well as several of stamps telling you of the authenticity of the piece of art.

 Provenance Documents:  

Always ask for provenance documents! It is actually the foremost thing that one should do while investing in a valuable piece of art. It is also important in case after the purchase, the art piece turns out to be stolen. In that case you can just provide the due diligence to the court.  

Buying From Reputable Dealers:

 If you are buying from reputable dealers, most of the time you needn’t worry about the authenticity of a piece of art. This is why it is always advised to only make your purchase from well-known art dealers in the market. Do your research well and check for the reviews.

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