The Art of Forgery

The art of forgery is perhaps as old as the word “Art” itself. History has seen many of the legendary pieces of art being forged and sold – multiple times. If you take Mona Lisa alone, it has been forged at least three times and resold of gazillions worth. While art forgery is a serious crime, for many it has become a profession, and there are many underground channels that accept forged art and have made a business out of it. Recently, it was discovered at Tate Britain that their archives were tampered in order to clean the fake art records. According to a survey, almost half of the famous paintings that are sold across the globe are forged – a very disturbing find for both, art loves and art distributers.  

Forging is becoming even easier in today’s world with all the new technologies and gadgets readily available in the market. For instance, with the help of one specific technology you can actually artificially “age” the forged painting to make it look genuinely old. With this technology, forgers can easily recognize the color pigments used and forge the new painting accordingly. While there has recently been a great deal of art fraud taking over the world of art, it hasn’t had any effect on the buyers. Art buyers continue to increase in number – However, it is always advised to be sure in every possible way to make sure the art you are buying is worth it’s cost – do not get swept away in the world of forged art.

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