Top Art Heist Cases

Although 2016 is yet to see a massive art theft report, many older reports have been revealed so far and many art works of great worth have been retrieved as well. Art theft has become more common than it should have over the years – What with all the new security systems installed in the museums, it should have decreased considerably. However, the results are not as good as we would expect them to be. Going further with our findings of the day, here are a few of the stories worth sharing. 

Other than art getting stolen, a lot of it has been damaged and compromised in ongoing wars across the globe. Some were destroyed deliberately while others became a victim of a bigger picture. Only a few weeks back, a man was arrested for an art theft worth $250,000. Police came across a stolen trailer that on investigation was found loaded with the missing art works that include the work of Matisse. This trailer was found in the backyard of the thief himself. 

In June another two people were arrested as they attempted robbery of artwork. These two men were arrested at the Albany International Airport while fleeing. Other than that, in mid-March, biggest art story till the date unfolded when one of the most famous auctioneers of Hotel Drouot stood trial for arranging organized art theft and handling of the stolen goods. In Britain, it was revealed in March that five paintings by Francis Bacon have disappeared from the Madrid House. This happened in 2015, however it was made public this year.

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