Art Discovery

Art has evolved through the ages as new artists are discovered. As the once newly discovered artists become maestros in the art scene, more new ones take their place on the rookie benches.

 2016 has been an interesting year in art so far. Many new names have emerged and are shaking up the art world. Described as ‘unique and edgy’, artwork to watch out for is by Yngve Holen. Holen is a Norwegian-German sculptor who picks up pieces from his surroundings and crafts them into artistic displays that convey not only stories but a glimpse into how he sees the world. His most recent and largest show showcased model aircrafts craftily balanced and mounted on washing machines.

 Another artist to watch out for is an MFA graduate from Yale. Tschabalala Self, from New York, concentrates on investigating the black female body. Her work showcased in summer 2015 in LA was named ‘Tropiciana’ and used multimedia such as fabric, paint and dry leaves. Her work is bold and makes a statement in its own right. 

The most interesting upcoming artist though has to the Switzerland born Julian Charrière. Charrière is based in and works from Berlin. His work explores how the natural and artificial worlds interact. He uses art to speak up about important issues, such as global warming and species extinction.

 These three artists are just a few of the new emerging artists around the globe. In seeing their artwork, we see how art has evolved. From greek sculptures to Picasso’s cubism to political statement pieces, art continues to evolve as new art and artist discoveries keep exposing new talent to the world.


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