Artwork will be tagged with DNA to help experts identify art forgeries

If you happen to be one of the many scourges that are plaguing the art industry with your forgeries, then technological advancements are here to put an end to your schemes once and for all. According to the latest statistic, as many as two in five art pieces sold today could end up being copies of the original. Since they are copies, it is relatively difficult to tell which one is the original and which one is the forged art piece, to the extent that even experts have trouble deducing the difference.

However, where experts fail, the development of new technologies will most certainly come to our aid. It has been reported that a team of geneticists have launched a plan to what they are referring to as a tag. Artworks produced are going to be tagged with DNA so that they can be authenticated within seconds, and without having a shadow of a doubt. To help collectors and experts combat art forgery, this scientific initiative was set up at the University of Albany and is currently being funded by the art insurance firm Aris.

According to Lawrence Shindell, who is the chairman of Aris, he has stated that the DNA will be imprinted onto labels and will be placed onto new artwork from modern artists. Gradually, this DNA will be transferred into the artwork at a molecular stage, which means that experts will be able to locate it even if the original label has been removed. This is quite impressive and it might finally put an end to art forgeries once and for all.

Unfortunately, the technology is still in its nascent stages and will take some time to be developed properly.

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