Can the wooden frame of a painting tell you if it’s the artwork is forged or authentic?

Normally, art collectors will resort to examining the painting in order to conclude if it’s authentic, or just another fake. However, even the most experienced of collectors overlook some aspects of the painting that will provide them with sufficient evidence, but it happens to be one of the most ignored elements from the entire artwork. The wooden frame holding the entire painting might give you a clue to the piece of art’s authenticity. 

Examining the rear and the front side will give you more than enough clues

Do not cast your eyes on the painting immediately, and instead, focus on the squarish or rectangular structure that is holding the painting together. After that, examine the front and the back side of the art piece. An old painting will be rife with dirt and dust that has been accumulated throughout its time, and dry dirt, which most of the time cannot be removed off the item completely, will give indication as to how long the painting was produced before.

Additionally, look for textures, and the brightness of colors, and use your best judgment to figure out how old the painting actually is. If you’re a novice in this field, then it is recommended that you seek the advice of an expert that will provide you with valuable information to carry out your hunt. In majority of the cases, collectors will ignore the wooden part of the painting holding the art piece together and just focus on the other details. Keep in mind that the smallest things reveal the most about a painting.


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