Here are some places where forged art will rarely be sold

Forged art is a multi-million dollar business that is pushing away collectors and preventing the circulation of fine art pieces being sold. Fortunately, when you are visiting a specific area in a city, there are locations that you will rarely find pieces of forged art being sold, unless of courses the places storing them are in on the scheme or if they do not possess the resources to tell if the art piece is genuine or fake. Regardless, here are some of the places where you will probably not find forged art being sold.


Museums are one of the last places where you will find forged pieces of art being set up for display, especially if that museum is a reputable one. Such locations often hire art experts who are easily able to tell the differences between a forged item and a real one and famous ones have a ton of security for such purposes as well.

Art galleries

Art galleries, particularly those that are opened in lavish and expensive locations to attract wealthy collectors will not host art forgers. If by chance, an art forger is able to conceal himself amongst the authentic pieces of art, there are certain safety measures that you should practice before purchasing a piece of art, such as art provenance.

If you are worried that art forgers would manage to blend themselves in the crowd, then the aforementioned locations are possibly the last places where they will find themselves. However, the off chance that they you do manage to spot them, there are always ways to putting them down too. 


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