Ways how museums can prevent expensive art pieces from getting stolen

Most individuals would be under the impression that museums are safe havens to prevent expensive pieces of art from getting stolen. Turns out that museums that are hosting expensive collections are digging their own grave by not following the basic security measures in order to prevent vastly expensive pieces of art from going missing or worse, stolen. Here are some extremely crucial steps that museums should undertake in order to keep their security heightened as well as keep the artwork safe from the wrong hands.

More security is always better

Lack of poor security personnel and lack of security equipment are one of the few reasons why expensive piece of art ends up getting missing from famous museums. If museums can afford to show off its expensive collection at an exhibition, then the curator or the owner should also start making strides to invest in hiring more security personnel coupled with improved security equipment that will end up be becoming the bane of potential thieves.

Keep in mind that once an exhibition is being held, there is a very huge probability that professional thieves will end up posing as experienced buyers belonging to opulent families in search of expensive and fine pieces of art that will make them the center of attention. They will take several glances at the environment, most likely to make sure how secure the area is, then plan their next move. Also, if there are a larger number of individuals present whose sole purpose is to admire the expensive display of art pieces, then chances are that these professional thieves will call off the theft because a large number of people could end up foiling their plan easily.

When it’s time to run away with the loot, thieves need a clear path made in front of them, which is not going to be possible if there are lots of people gathered. Majority of the times, bold individuals would want to takedown a thief in order to get their 15 minutes of fame, but for the thieves, it would place them in a very dangerous predicament if they are not careful.

Investing in surveillance equipment will also go in your favor

It will be a very good idea if you decide to invest in monitoring equipment and place two highly vigilant individuals behind the screens to monitor for any suspicious activity. It is always good practice if you decide to place the monitoring equipment at a higher altitude in order to view everything on the screen. There are times where the security cameras are unable to capture some areas of the museum on file due to blind corners. Regardless if they only comprise up of a small space, you should make sure that the small portion is also being covered by the security cameras otherwise thieves and unwanted individuals can easily make it their hiding place.

If there is insufficient lighting in the museum, then you should install adequate amounts of it so that there are no dark patches being visible in the video feed of the security cameras. Dark patches can easily be used by thieves so they are can snoop around when the coast is clear.

Here are some very useful tips that you can use to safeguard your museum and the expensive content placed inside it so be sure to follow them in order to keep the security level of the area at its peak.

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