Arts in Communist Countries

There are number of communist countries such as China, North Korea, Russia, and Cuba which has a very strong art history.

The arts of China have visual art, painting is knows as native painting and it has become popular in china in the 20th century. A traditional art in china include calligraphy and is done with a black pen dipped in black ink.

Russia has the history of arts since 1975 and there are few very famous artists such as Levitan and Shishkin and many others who are well educated person in Russia and these artists are the pride of Russia. Then we have Alexey Chernigen subject of most of their paints are beauty and romance. Then we have Konstantin Lupanov who love painting and most of his paintings are related to his friends and his cat. Stanislav Plutenko one of the well-known artists of Russia. His motto was to see the unusual and to do the unusual, most of his paintings were watercolor and he used unique technique combining tempera and acrylic.

Moreover, one of the strongest parts of Cuba is visual arts since 1980’s. Cuba’s present-day art is very rich. Armando Marino 1968, a popular artist who was praised for his amazing work in the field of arts.

Lastly we have North Korea where the artists display their paintings at embassy in London. The world’s largest art production center is ‘Mansudae’ with 700 artists and 4000 working staff to produce paintings and sculptures. Few of the famous paintings of North Korea are ‘Sea rescue in the dark’.

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