Art Theft

Art theft is not a strange phenomenon; thoroughly expensive paintings fetching millions of dollars, who would not want to get in on the action? However, there are other reasons why thieves resort themselves to going through this risky business, even though other career options would look extremely promising and lucrative. Here are some of the reasons why art theft happens frequently.

They are in it for the buzz

What exactly is buzz? Well to be honest, famous artwork that could be valued at millions of dollars will not sell very well, because if one individual gets caught, then everyone is under the risk of getting caught as well. It’s like attempting to kidnap a famous celebrity in broad daylight. You would know exactly what they look like and your first instinct would tell you to call the concerned authorities. The same scenario can be applied here. Famous paintings that can easily go up to millions of dollars in valuation will hardly get sold but it would attract attention, and that too the unnecessary kind of attention. 

They want to keep the trophy for themselves without paying all that money

Sometimes, a kleptomaniac’s motive for stealing a very expensive piece of artwork does not necessarily have to be money. In fact, as stated before, famous artwork would hardly get sold because of the unnecessary attention it would bring for such criminals. Instead, why don’t they end up stealing the famous artwork for themselves and hang it out in their own room for them to admire? The smart thing for these criminals to do would be to stash it away because if they end up calling a sizable audience to their household and those individuals glance at the painting, they would immediately recognize it as the famous painting that was stolen not too long ago, putting you back into the radar.  

Would you like to tell us some reasons why art theft takes place frequently? We’d love to know what you think.


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