Famous Pieces of Art

 When you hear through various channels of information that a piece of art is worth millions of dollars, which by the way could end up being way out of your budget, a thief would start contemplating on how he/she could end up being a millionaire with a single pay day and an art piece just waiting to be sold. Here’s the reality for those thieves who think that artwork worth millions of dollars would make them millionaires overnight. 

A famous painting would immediately get noticed that it is missing

If an art piece is famous, you can rest assured that nearly everybody roaming around the streets would be able to recognize it, unless of course those people have been living under a rock. Turns out that if you do intend on stealing a very famous piece of art that’s potentially worth millions of dollars, the surrounding area would be engulfed with security personnel just waiting to pounce on that poor sap who thinks he/she is clever enough to get away with it.

Even if you did steal the artwork, you would not get very far

If the security personnel or any other individual does not manage to catch you, then you can rest assure that your lack of foresight will easily craft your downfall for you. This is because when you attempt to sell a famous piece of art in a bid to become a millionaire in the shortest time span possible, the buyer would most likely back out of the deal out of fear that he might end up in hot water for being in possession of that art piece.

In a perfect world, it would have been surprisingly easy for you to have your way, but your bid to become a millionaire in a quick time span will immediately backfire if you intend to do it by selling famous, yet stolen artwork.  


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